WattMaster VAV Systems Overview

WMVAV HVAC Unit Controllers
The WattMaster VAV System HVAC unit controllers are designed to be field installed on any brand of packaged rooftop, air handler or split system HVAC unit.

The WattMaster VAV control system communication components allow the customer to connect VAV HVAC equipment, VAV terminal units, constant volume HVAC equipment and various Add-on Devices together into an integrated building control system with central point set-up and monitoring.

Operators Interfaces
Configuration set-up and monitoring is facilitated by the WattMaster Modular Service Tool, Modular System Manager, and/or an on-site or remote PC running the WattMaster VAV Prism graphical computer software. The WattMaster VAV Prism Software is free and updates can be downloaded from this site.

Add-on Devices
In addition to the ability to connect and communicate with all the HVAC equipment on the building or facility, WattMaster VAV systems can be used to enhance HVAC equipment operation or control other equipment with the addition of various Add-on Devices available from WattMaster. These devices include the Lighting Panel Controller, Optimal Start Scheduler, GPC and GPC-17.

VAVBOX Controllers
Pressure dependent and pressure independent VAVBOX controller kits are available for factory mounting of your WattMaster VAVBOX controls by your preferred terminal unit manufacturer. These controls are available with expansion boards for fan terminal control and reheat controls to provide staged electric reheat, SCR electric reheat, On-Off hot water reheat or modulating hot water reheat control.

Terminal Units
WattMaster also has its own brand of terminal and fan terminal products available with complete controls packages factory installed for it's customers who don't have a terminal unit product line or those who want a very good quality terminal unit with factory packaged controls at a reasonable price.

In addition WattMaster also has inexpensive VAVBOX Round Air Damper Assemblies complete with WattMaster VAVBOX controls available for your Cooling Only VAV terminal unit applications. 

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